Firefox – The perfect Browser


The perfect browser in the world.


    As the firefox source is open, There is no hidden bugs, trojons, etc. No one can hack the browser.

    It is developed by thousands of developers around the world. So there is a continous development. Now the version is Firefox 2.0. It is more lightweight, slim, sleek, eye candy.

    There are loads of addons for firefox. Get them from http://addons.mozilla,org
Blogging, Developer tools, Message reading, News reading, Tabbed Browsing, Bookmarks, Dictioneries, Entertainment, Privasy and security, Download tools, Search tools, website integration….

    There is no hidden code to trace your browsing habits, no virus threats, no key logging . It can block all unwanted advertisements, popups. Give you a happy surfing extensions.

    It support fully for web standards. CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX etc. It support everything and sticks to the W3C standards.

So, get the Firefox from
and Feel the freedom.

powered by performancing firefox


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