Synaptic – Graphical Package Manager

In all debian based distros, the tools “apt” and “dpkg” are very essential for Package Management such as adding, removing and updating the Packages. The very special thing in the apt is that resolving dependencies automatically.

Synaptic” is the Graphical Front-end for “apt”. being a GTK+ application, it is very lightweight and run on any X window system. It is 3 panels. The Left, Top Right and the bottom Right panels. The left panel lists all the packages available. It lists them in the order of sections, status, search results and custom filters.The top right panel lists the packages with name, installed version,latest version, size and description. The bottom right panel gives the description of the selected package.

Select a package.Right Click->Properties to view its all properties such as name,status, dependencies, installed files, versions and description

select a package.Right click it and click “Mark for Installation” and click “Apply” to install it.

Use “Search” button to search any package based on its name,description etc.
It has settings and preferences to change the repositories, proxy address etc.
All the updates and upgrades can be done via synaptic.

home page is :
Synaptic is available for debian stable,testing,unstable and all ubuntu distros.

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