Please Help for “Debian Package of the Day “

There is an interesting site “Debian Package of the Day“. It takes a debian package and explains it well. It says the package description,usage, advantages, disadvantages, how-to, alternate packages, comparisions etc.

But, now this site needs your help. There are 25,000 and more packages in debian. So, we can not know them all. but this sites helps us to learn more. After a very long gap, this site becomes active again.

The lack of contribution made this site, being inactive for a long time. Now it became active because of the great efforts of the editor team. Now its needs our contribution for its livings and continious service. It needs more writers and editors. You, no need to be a well author in english. but, if you can write it down what you know, that is enough.

1. Take a package.
2. Think about it.
3. Read on it.
4. Search for alternates.
5. Think the pros and cons.

Thats all, You can write it down.

6. mail to editors at

visit for more information.

India is now evolved from “taker” level to “contributor” level in the FOSS area.
For ages, India is being the major contributor for the knowledge.


I already started to send articles to them.

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