Linux User Groups are the Pillers of the Linux. They are everywhere in the world. You can find a LUG in your local place too.

What are LUGs?
Linux User Groups are nothing but a gang of linux users, linux geeks, linux lovers, linux evangelists etc.

Why LUGs?
Since, Linux and other Open Source Applications are Free, They need some force to spread the scent of the freedom. The developers always develop loads of applications. They are very very useful to the community. But the world is not aware of these free,open source, perfect applications. So here is the part of the LUGs. The people of LUG go the the public and say thet “Here is a better,safe,easy solutions for the computer operations“. They take the FOSS appliactions to the public.

what LUGs do?
LUGs main job is to spread the freedom.
For that,
1. They have a mailing list
2. They meet regularly, monthly once atleast
3. They run a website for public view and contribution
4. They conduct Linux Demo Days, Installfest, Software Freedom Day and other kind of operations  often to reach pubice face to face.
5. Share Linux CDs and DVDs
6. and more

What I have to pay?

As LUGS promote the freedom, they  mostly won’t ask money. They  need only your contribution. But it is not the rule. Some LUGS may ask some little money for their opertion. Most of the LUGs are free only.

Where is a LUG in my place?

LUGs are everywhere. Even in hills, villages, cities, towns, rivers etc. Mostly LUGs start with students. Contact your local Colleges. They may be conducting a LUG. Join there.
Search in the internet, the local IT offices, Research Centers, Government Organisations etc. Surely you can find a LUG there. Atlast, If you can not find one, START ONE LUG BY YOURSELF.

Can I start a LUG?
Yes. LUG is not a commercial organisation. Anyone can start a LUG at their place. First search for an existing one or inactive one. Give your shoulder to that and build it better. Read the HOW-TO to conduct a LUG by yourself.

How to contribute to a LUG?

Ok. You find there is a LUG in your area. good. Join it.

1. Join its Mailing List, Forum etc.In the mailing list, people will ask a lot of Doubts, Questions, Assistances, Clarifications etc. Watch them keenly. If you know something, dont hide yourself. Just ANSWER the questions. If you want to ask anything, Dont hesitate. ASK. There is always someone to answer.

2. Participate Meetings.
Try to participate in the Monthly Meetings. Don’t avoid it. In the regular meetings, Live Demos, Technical Discussions, Trainigs will be going. Take part in the things you can. All LUGs need the physical members always.

3. Conduct Public Festivals
Contact your local schools, Colleges, Offices to conduct the Linux Festivals. With your LUG, call all the public to attend the festivals. Take your own topic and explain it to the public and students.

4. Share the CDs and DVDs
If you have any Linux CDs and DVDs, share it with the Public. Tell the details to your forum or mailing list, so that the members can contact you. You can charge for the media like CD and DVD and the burning cost.

5. Share the knowledge
If you know something on linux, Just share it with others. In the Regular Meetings and in the Festivals, Take Classes. You,  no need to be a Teacher, Public Speaker. Just stand in the stage and start to tell on your known things.

6. Invite your friends and public
Tell about the LUGs and Linux to all your friends, relatives, students etc. Make them to join and contribute.

Why I have to do so?
Because, the community has given us the wonderful thing. We have to return something back. It is so fun and satisfaction to contribute, support, spread the FOSS.


I do live in chennai. Here is the ChennaiLUG at http://www.chennailug,org
Here is the mailing list.
We meet at IIT Madras in every Second Saturday.
We have more then 3000 members in our Mailing List.

Chennailug wiki
We have a wiki at Here, we contribure a lof things. Here, we give the details of our CDs and DVDs to share.

The mailing list is very active and there are a lot of geeks volunteering there. We conduct a lot of Linux Demo Days(LDD), Software freedom Day, Installfest, etc.
We get a lot of volunteers from th student community, the acamedic institutions, Government Offices etc.

We feel better to support a best OS

Find a LUG.
Live with a Pride.

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