Carte-Blanche 07 – A feather in the Foss India

Carte Blanche 07 was held very successfully at MIT, Chennai. More than 500 students visited the stalls. About 25 stalls were there covering Foss Philosophy, Desktops, Multimedia, Games, DTP, Web server, Web Authoring, Database Servers, FreeBSD, Open Solaris, High availability, Linux Networking, CAD Tools etc.

Students from MIT and various colleges threw a lot of questions to the stall members. They responded with a lot of pleasure. The delegates get to know with linux and its power. The MITians got the knowledge of Linux more and more.

The usage of conducting these kind of Linux Demo Days are

  1. Spread the Freedom
  2. Know more
  3. Getting closer to the FOSS community
  4. Proving that Linux can do everything in a better way
  5. Thinking and living in the FOSS way

The people visited these stalls were from various domains. Business people, Students, Entrepreneurs, Office People, Geeks etc. They got to know how to use linux for their need. They realised  that FOSS gives the full freedom to their operations.

Linux moves slowly. Some people hate it. Some give troubles to linux. But, once  a user know the FOSS philosophy and starts to use Linux, He NEVER goes back to prosperity world.

Let us spread the Freedom.

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