Watermark videos with ffmpeg

ffmpeg is a wonderful tool which can do a lot of video and audio manipulations in the command line itself.

It can do more kind of media conversions.
It supports mostly all video and audio codecs.

Here is the command to add a watermark text on a video using ffmpeg. Give the command in a single line.

ffmpeg -i /tmp/clip.mp4
  -vhook “/usr/lib/vhook/drawtext.so
    -f /usr/share/fonts/corefonts/comic.ttf -x 5 -y 5
    -t ThisIsATest.com”

The font folder location may be different for different distros.
Mostly it is “/usr/share/fonts” only.
Choose a desired font.

Here is “ThisIsATest.com” is added as watermark in the video.

Give your desired text on the command.

Great ffmpeg.

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13 thoughts on “Watermark videos with ffmpeg

  1. I simply download ffmpeg.exe and it works well except watermarking. How can i make watermark without the vhook component? PS: I use Windows sever 2003. thanks very much!

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