Help your national board say “NO” to OOXML

On 2 September 2007, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is voting on Ecma 376, “OOXML”.

OOXML is an immature documentation of one vendor’s proprietary document format which depends on software patents held by this vendor, which block interoperability. It conflicts with existing ISO standards. More than three hundred technical comments have been raised by industry, academics, researchers, and experts. The ISO JTC-1 Directive p.48 section 9.8 requires national bodies to vote “NO with comments” if there remain unanswered technical problems. The accuracy and honesty of the voting process has been questioned in many countries. calls on all ISO members to: apply the proper rigor and allow sufficient time to examine all technical comments; ensure a fair and accurate vote in all advisory committees under a neutral chairman; vote “NO with comments” if any technical comments remain unresolved.

This website explains how to help your national ISO board reach the right vote.

File your petition against OOXML here,

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