Seminar on Networking at Chennai

I invite you all to the Seminar on Networking at Chennai.

The Details are below.

Topic: TCP/IP Networking, Security and Spam Control.

By : Mr. Girish Venkatachalam

Dates: Sat 8th & Sun 9th September 2007

Time : 9AM to 6PM

Venue: IC&SR Auditorium, IIT-Madras.

Fee  : Rs ~250/- (Food, Tea and Snacks)

Link : (Schedule and Slides)

Type : OPEN TO ALL and No prior registration required.

Girish announced on this very long ago at ChennaiLUG mailing list. And he keeps his promises. He worked hard for more that 1 year for this. We both had a lot of discussions and works on this.

Atlast, He finished all the preparations and sat on preparing slides. I helped him a little bit by drawing some diagrams for the presentation.

I hope this will be a wonderful event. He shares all the technical things he learned.

All are Welcome.


The entire presentation is on the site above said.
in MagicPoint format and HTML format.
Please go through the slides atleast one time.
Because the subject is more Heavy and Deep.

See you all there!

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