Network Seminar by Girish

This Saturday and Sunday, Girish gave a wonderful seminar on Networking Concepts. He covered very vast concepts and Topics.

The IIT ICSR hall is so capable of handling more people. We expected about 200 people. But first 87 and second day about 30.

He talked about tcp/ip, various protocols, crypto,email, spam etc.

Honestly saying, I can not understand them fully.
I simply watching what is going there.

Some students were so brilliant to follow him and ask doubts.

Mahadevan took care of Food, tea and snacks.
Barathi tooks care of whole thing.

Koushick and Noorul helped a lot.
But, we missed noorul today.

I dont know how others got the knowledge.
I got only less things.
I have to increase my level.

Girish. You did a wonderful thing man.
Two full days. Full talking.
Take care on your health man.

People gave a plenty of feedbacks.
I hope girish learned a lot from this presentation.

A lot of wishes for Girish.

Keep Going.

Here are some snaps.



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