Software freedom Day 07 at Jaya Engg College


Today, I went to Jaya Engg College, Thirunindravur, chennai.

They celebrated Software freedom Day.

They inaugurated
They Did a great Job today.

They had FOSS quiz, gaming contest, coding contest,
Banner Design contest, Debate and movie show.

More than 650 students participated in the Show.

More students participated from EEE,ECE,EI, Mech Departments.

JEC FOSS Club has an active Crew doing wonderful things.

Students from other colleges and polytechnic colleges also participated.

For ILUGC, I participated.
Joined in the debate on FOSS Vs Proprietary software.
Gave a small talk on FOSS and ChennaiLUG.

All participants did well.

We have to support them more.
Continuous support will cheer them more.

Hats of to Kumaran, The Great.
He is s wonderful man.
Wishes to him

He has a great Crew.
sriram, suresh, gopi, aparna, vinodh …
The crew is growing.

Sorry, can not remember more names.

Wishes for the Crew.

Hats off to Jayafossclub.

Here is some snaps.

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