Chandrashekar – Our GURU

Wow. Our Guru, Chandrashekar return back to his site

He is our Role Model.

He taught Linux to me and bala, three years ago. But, we learned a lot of things from him.  On those days, being as college guys, we never used to learn anything. We just to went to listen him. Frankly speaking, we even slept in the class.

But, still he used to teach us with a smile. We never felt tired in his face. He is a most energetic person we have seen. The knowledge he has is unimaginable. He shared all his knowledge with us. But, we were not capable of getting the shower of knowledge.

Me, Bala and Franklin were the batchmates. We always were laughing, dozing, eating, kidding.
But, he still he used to manage with us.

Days went. One fine day, he told to wind up. I never expected this. Till then, my life was going smoothly and joyfully. Suddenly we felt the truth that we have to find a Job.

With all his spirits, we decided to get a job only in Open Source Technologies. He gave us a lot of hope and faith whenever we go  down. Finally, with his wishes, we got a wonderful Job in chennai itself. We felt the joy of freedom.

Days are rolling. Now, we say that we know something in Linux and open source technologies. All are the blessing of our Guru. Without him, we would be went on any other normal domain and would live a normal life.

He is being a great inspiration for us. We learnt a lot things from him. Time Management, Project Management, People Management, Hard work, Reading Books, Continuous Learning, surusuruppu   and more.

Nowadays, He is becoming THE BEST Corporate Trainer in Chennai and Banglore. A lot of corporates are inviting him for Training. Those people are blessed who get to learn from Him. We are really blessed people.

Now, he started to look on his site

We can not say THANK YOU sir, as THANKS can not express what we wish to say.

Contact him at email [at] chandrashekar [dot] info for Training.

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