Create Picture Messages for Mobile Phones

For long times, I am wondering how people are creating the Picture Messages for Mobile phones.
I could not imagine with my old Nikia 2300 mobile.

I upgraded to Sony Ericsion w770i recently.

I find that I can save the Picture Messages separately.
I copied the Picture Messages to my computer.

That File Format is wbmp.
see more on

It is Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap.

But How to open and edit it?

Which graphic application supports wbmp format?

The search went for a long time.
After making the google tired, i leaved it.

When I was searching, I found a nice article by My friend Girish Venkatachalam.

Image processing with ImageMagick, qiv and friends

Imagemagick is a powerful commandline utility, which do wonders.
it can manipulate a lot of works on images.

It is a set of tools, where “convert” is one of that.

convert can do magics on images.
it can resize, add text, colorize, modify the brightness/contrast, resize, zoom, crop etc.

It handles all the image formats.

so, I took a wmbp file and tried to convert it into normal bmp format.

convert test.wbmp test.bmp

viola! It worked. There is GIMP to do change the bmp image.

Then, I sat and played with GIMP to create various Picture Messages.

After the editing finished, now again, we have t convert the bmp into wbmp.

convert sample.bmp sample.wbmp

Put the newly created wbmp image into mobile phone.
And started forwarding the PICTURE Message to all my friends.

Using this method, I will all my friends on their birthday with a handmade birthday wish message with, their name on the messge.


The wbmp image should have the resolution of 72 x 28 pixels.
It should be monochrome. i.e Black and White.
No other colour is acceptable.

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22 thoughts on “Create Picture Messages for Mobile Phones

  1. thanks brother it was a nice one!! i tried lot of hecks with this ended up with ur site.. nice to know..
    keep rocking
    regards and wishes

  2. thank you for your response but please is there any software to create picture msg which could be install in windows xp
    and if possible can u giv me the exact link or exact name of the software

  3. Where should I paste the created or converted wbmp image in the phone..? Am using a Nokia N97. If u hv any idea pls forward me. thanx.

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