Free Software that helps you take control of your mobile phone

In an exciting networked world we are living in, just about
everything can be connected to anything. By all means that includes
your mobile phone, at least if it is not more than a couple of years
old. You can connect your mobile phone to your computer via bluetooth,
or more commonly via USB, in which case it will also re-charge itself.
Depending on your phone once it detects it has been connected to an USB
port, it will offer to enter one of the two modes; a file transfer mode
and a phone mode.

A file transfer mode will mount your phone to your desktop as
if it was a disk (like an USB stick) and then you can move files back
and forth between your hard disk and your phone (like putting a cool
music file to use as your ring tone). However, what we will be focusing
on here is the phone mode, which is quite interesting, because it
allows you to, by using appropriate software, synchronize your phone
and control it using your computer.

Imagine coming home from work and instead of plugging your
phone to a wall where it will just dully wait to be recharged, plug it
to your computer via USB and make a few phone calls, send a few SMS
messages or tidy up your phone book all by using your computer keyboard
and mouse, rather than that tiny phone keypad!

GNU/Linux and other Freedomware platforms have at least three user
friendly software programs which allow you to do this, with varying
capabilities and relatively good user friendliness. So let’s see what
they can do!


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