465 Free Fonts for Ubuntu

Fonts. Fonts.. Fonts…

There is big business market in the Font Industry. Most companies produce beautiful fonts and sell them at the costs of cars. Still, the pirated fonts are grooming all over the world of DTP centers, Printing Presses, Publishing Centers etc.

In Linux, there is a big fallback in the Fonts area.
Linux has a lot of professional fonts, which can be used on printing scientific papers, Books, professional Newspapers etc.

But, what about artistic fonts?
The fonts that needed for printing Invitations, Cards, visiting cards,posters etc.

We need more designs, more arts, and more….

Google can give a lot of open source artistic fonts for Linux.
Here is a pearl I got from digg.

Brian Kent created a lot of artistic fonts and gave to the open source world.

How to get those fonts?

You can browse and download Brian’s fonts directly from his website. Or, to install all of the fonts simply follow the instructions below. The instructions should work for both Feisty and Gutsy.

1. Open your apt sources.list file for editing with the following terminal command:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Add the following two lines to the bottom of the file:

deb     http://ppa.launchpad.net/corenominal/ubuntu gutsy main

deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/corenominal/ubuntu gutsy main

3. Close gedit and issue the following terminal command to update apt:

sudo apt-get update

4. Still in the terminal, enter the following command to install the package:

sudo apt-get install ttf-aefonts

5. Enjoy your new fonts!

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One thought on “465 Free Fonts for Ubuntu

  1. Dear Ubuntu fans,

    God created us with a right brain hemisphere as well and that means we are allowed to co-create beautiful things – like beautiful artistic fonts for art lovers – but God forgot to tell ubuntu people…

    Where is an alternative to windows “PAPYRUS” and any copperplate lettering styles like “KUNSTER SCRIPT” or “PALACE SCRIPT”??????????????????????????????????????????????

    Sorry for the gripe but COME ON GUYS?

    Bless – Edward

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