jQuery talk at IIT Chennai on 8 Dec

Dear all,

My friend Girish Venkatachalam is giving a short two hour talk on

Developing web user interfaces with jQuery

Date : 8 Dec, Sat 2007
Venue : ADI Tenet Seminar hall, IIT Chennai
Time: 3 pm

All are welcome. The talk of course is free and free for all. 😉

He has already given two days seminar on Networking at IITM recently.

Usually he discusses highly technical topics but this one has general
applicability as most of the software crowd in Chennai is involved in
web programming in some form or other. Please spread the word.



This will be a short informal intro to the superb web application
toolkit by name jQuery. The main focus will be basics of web
development. How the different components viz., html, css, dom,
javascript and ajax work together to bring a desktop experience to the
web will be discussed.

Highlights of the talk include:

– Syntax, semantics and jQuery philosophy
– Simple web animations with jQuery
– How AJAX programming is simplified with jQuery
– An overview of the rich plugin support for most common UI needs

Few other tidbits here and there.

See you there. 🙂

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