Presentation at Saveetha Engg College

Dear Friends!

    Last Friday, Nov 30,2007  Myself and Balavignesh have gone to
saveetha Engineering college.First we met Pricipal ,Dean and HOD.
They gave warm welcome to us.After a meet with principal about our activities,
we went to seminar hall.As usual tamil thaai vazhthu and all other formal
introductary speechs held.

Bala started with the presentation “What/Why opensource?”
He moved the session with more interaction.In that presentation
no where he told “opensource is best”.He  just explained the cases,
and asked the question “Which is better?” .

    After his presentation I took the “History of Open Source”.
I gave the story without any doze to the students by walking
among students and making more interaction.

   After Lunch Mr.Baskar (LinuXperts Systems) gave his presentation.
Then I  gave the presentation about our ilugc activities.
Due to time constraints  we stopped at 3.15 p.m  and answered the questions.
Finally  we  wind up with national anthem.

*Lessons learned from this activity:*

1.) We should strictly follow our agenda.

(Due to time constraints we left one more prepared presentation
“Jobs in Opensource” and Installation demo.)

2.) Adoptation with time (Lunch time, tea time…)

3.) What to do ? if power fail… (Power failed for more then 10 times).

4.) If any problem while taking the presentation (Projector problem,
power failure …), Mean time we should have some stuff to
manage the students. (any interesting story about opensource or anything)

5.) Colourfull and Interactive presentations gave good results among
students (Among 45 students, no one slept).

6.) Going with our own laptop is best. (As we dont have own laptop,
we showed the presentations with the college System, which has
windoz with virus ;-). As soon as we  inserted our pen drive,
It got affected by virus and lost some files, changed folder names…etc.
Actually we have showed that one as “virus demo” to the students ;-).

7.) If we have to show the presentations from windoz, we should bring the
presentations in CD.

8.) We should know how to adjust the projector while installation demo.
(Finally we planned to show the installation demo(Ubuntu Feisty).
 But, due to frequency problem,projector didnt render properly.
 So we dropped installation.The projectors are always nightmare to me ;-)).

9.) We should go with PDF viewer, Media Player (VLC…),Open Office and what
ever we need for our presentation.( We planned to show some videos
related to linux, but due to virus problem we lost the VLC setup file.).

Here are the presentations.

The presentations are released under Free Document License (FDL).

Access them at

We thank
Mr.Chandrashekar Babu, for giving inspirations,
Mr. Raaman and Mr.Bharathi for their suggestions and slides,
Mr.Girish Venkatachalam for hosting these files.

The Dean,Principal,HOD,Staff and Students of
Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai.
for giving us a nice opportunity.

and all ILUGC Members for being with us always.


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