Dec ChennaiLUG Meet – Announcement

This is the announcement by Bharathi from ChennaiLUG for the December Month Meet.


ILUGC Meet (Dec 08th):-

Time : Sat Dec 08th 15:00 IST 2007
Venue: ADI-TeNeT Seminar Hall,
       #CSD 320, ESB, IIT-Madras.



> Talk: jQuery – The Write Less, Do More (1:30Hrs)

  By Girish Venkatachalam


This will be a short informal intro about the Web Application
toolkit by name jQuery. The main focus will be  basics of web
development. How the different components viz., HTML, CSS, DOM,
JavaScript and AJAX work together to bring a desktop experience
to the Web will be discussed.

Highlights of the talk include:

– Syntax, Semantics and jQuery philosophy
– Simple Web Animations with jQuery
– How AJAX programming is simplified with jQuery
– Rich plug-in support for most common UI needs

Speaker is a regular author in the Linux Journal. Currently he is
focusing on kick-starting a start-up in Chennai.


* Distribution of Mandriva 2008 Live CDs and Strikers
* Discussion about FossConf Chennai Feb08

HTH πŸ™‚

Bharathi S


See you there πŸ™‚

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