Microsoft Anti-piracy Raids in Trivandrum, Kerala

    Recently, Microsoft has done its Anti-piracy raids in Kerala. In Trivandrum, Kollam and Thrissur Districts. It caught major IT companies and shops.

It filed cases on those Piracy holders. If proved they have to pay Rs. 20,00,000.
FOSS enthusiasts in Kerala, take this opportunity to spread the Freedom all over Kerala.

See the report of Anoop John from kerala, here.
Microsoft Anti-piracy Raids in Trivandrum, Kerala – Time to Switch to Linux

Already, Kerala Government has announced that Linux is the Official Operating System of Kerala. Now, The Anti-Piracy Raid will make the switch to Linux more quicker.

The same thing may happen to Tamil Nadu too.

Here also, the ELCOT, Electronic Corporation of Tamilnadu, is doing wonders with Linux .
It has shipped more then 15,000 computer with Linux to all of the Government offices, panchayat offices etc.

    It wont take more time for Microsoft to do raids in Tamilnadu.
    It is the time to take a decision.


The Choice is Yours!

Get Punished or Get Freedom

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One thought on “Microsoft Anti-piracy Raids in Trivandrum, Kerala

  1. HARTHAL for Microsoft Raids : Predictable Mallus

    I read this news from Kritika Sharma and was shocked how people want to blame Microsoft for punishing those stealing a product of Microsoft.

    Justification from Suresh sounds really stupid. He sounds like a small time thief who would justify saying “Its not that I want to steal things, but the people who wants to buy stuff from me wants only stolen items.”

    Read at :

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