Ubuntu Installation Tutorial in Tamil

Ubuntu, the easiest Linux Distribution to install, use, update and to live with.

www.ubuntuforums.org is giving excellent support for the users.

There are thousands of people who give support for ubuntu.

ChennaiLUG has more Ubuntu Heros.
Ramadoss, Parthan, Bhuvan, Thyagarajan, etc.
The list never ends.

Ramadoss is doing great things for Tamil and Ubuntu.

He translated entire gnu website www.gnu.org
into tamil.

see his work at http://www.gnu.org/home.ta.html

He worked on a Document on “Ubuntu Installation” in Tamil.

get them at


Welldone Ramadoss!

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3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Installation Tutorial in Tamil

  1. அண்ணா,

    இப்பதிவிட்டமைக்கு நன்றி. குனுவின் முழு தளத்தையும் தமிழாக்க வில்லை. ஒரு பத்து பதினொரு கட்டுரை இருக்கும். அவ்ளோதான்


  2. Glad to see Ubuntu expanding in your direction. Just finished an Ubuntu 9.10 karmic install video…will send source files if anyone can translate the voiceover.

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