Setup PostgreSQL Database server in Ubuntu

PostgreSQL is the Popular Open Source GNU Licensed Database Server.

It is robust, enterprise, and stable Database Server.

There will be running 24×7 flamewars on Open Source database Servers.
i.e between MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Which is better?
It is depends upon the User.

In Open Source World, always the USER has the freedom to Choose..

MySQL is simple and easy to work and administer. But it has issues in Licencing.
It is not GNU Licenced.

We have to pay back, when we earn money using MySQL.

But, PostgreSQL is GNU licenced. i.e We have 100% freedom.

Unlike MySQL, The PostgreSQL seems a little harder to setup and administer.
Here is a simple tutorial.

Add new users.

After reading this tutorial, Now PostgreSQL is an easy one.

PostgreSQL Rocks!

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3 thoughts on “Setup PostgreSQL Database server in Ubuntu

  1. This post is full of mistakes.

    1) There is no such license as GNU License. There is many licenses from the GNU project like GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, GNU FDL. Each of which has different terms and telling just GNU License is not good enough.
    2) Most popular of these is GNU GPL and PostgreSQL is not licensed under GNU GPL. Did you ever bother to look what license it actually is before writing about it?
    3) PostgreSQL is licensed under BSD license see
    4) MySQL is licensed under GNU GPL, if you don’t like GPL you can pay MySQL AB (the company that develops MySQL) for a different license.

    Please verify your facts before you make any claims. Also there are graphical tools available for both software which makes administration easier.


    The selection of a particular product depends on your requirements and sometimes license can play a role too. If you want to develop a proprietary application, you would have to use PostgreSQL or MySQL under a proprietary license (means you have to pay per copy).

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