Our talk at IIT-Madras

It is our loooooooooonnnggggggg Dream to give a talk at
Chennai Linux User Group, Monthly meet at IIT-Madras.

Every second saturday all linux lovers meet at IITM 3-6 pm.
we discuss about various things on Free and Open Source Software.

For every meet, any person can give a talk or tutorial session on any topic.

Since, we are in LUG (Linux User Group) for three years,
we go for meeting often.

We were longing for giving a talk.
But, we have a lot of fear, stage fear, english fear, and more.
So, we were unable to be on stage.

Suddenly, we decided to wipe out all our fear,
We stood on stage on last saturday 12-01-2008

Bala talked on Securing web applications.
Me gave an introduction to “Ruby“, a scripting language.

A long dream came true.
People appreciated us and gave their suggestions to improve us.

We just got the inspiration by the Bharathi’s Order.

If we avoid the fear, we can do all we wish do to.

This is the greater lesson we learnt.

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2 thoughts on “Our talk at IIT-Madras

  1. I really regret not attending the Jan ’08 ILUGC meet. It looks like I’ve missed two excellent talks!

    Looking forward to more from you in the future 🙂

    – Raja

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