kanimozhi – Online Tamil Magazine on FOSS


What is kanimozhi?

Any pretty girl’s name?

That Politician?
No No.

Any Film star?
No No No.

It is a online Tamil Magazine for Free/Open Source Software.

It means “The Talks of a Computer

This April 13, for Tamil New Year, our friend Ramdhas (NRC-FOSS) and his crew
has started this online magazine.

Till now, there are a lot of text, tutorial, and materials on FOSS in English.

In Tamil?
very little and few.

Then how the tamil people get to know on FOSS?

Kanimozhi is the remedy.

In the magazine, a lot of articles, tutorials and manuals in tamil will be published by the team.

Just visit http://kanimozhi.org.in

Hats-Off for the inspiring team.


kanimozhi magazine is looking for more articles in tamil.
If you know tamil and willing to express your thoughts on FOSS in tamil,
please contact the kanimozhi team.
They will help you on tamil typing and bringing out the author within you.

send your comments and articles to amachu@au-kbc.org

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