Kumar Appaiah – 5th Debian Developer from India

Nowadays, India is becoming a GIVING Hand.

In Old Days, India was the great treasure for the wisdom and knowledge.
It always was giving its treasure to all the world.
Then, slowly it became to the Receiving end.

In IT Industry, we all use just the other’s products and we continue to be same.

But, the FOSS Concepts changed this scenario.

we, Indians, get the source, develop it and share  with the world.

Now, we can proudly say that Free Open Source World has more Indian Contributors.

Here is the List of Some Indian Contributors.

It is just a simple list, and there are many unmentioned contributors.

The recent Major Contributor is Kumar Appiah

He is blessed as a “Debian Developer”.

Becoming a Debian developer is a tough one.
Debian is a great government.

One has to prove his knowledge, skill, desire to work for community and
continuous interest on developing and maintaining debian packages.

It take long time to get approval as Official Developer.

Kumar Appaiah, from Chennai, got approved by the Debian People as a “Debian Developer”.

What do you think about him?
Is he an old geek?
with beards and belly?

No. No. No.

He is a College student.
He is a small young man.

Look at him.

He is just 23 and Doing his Dual Degree at IIT-Madras.

Wow. It is really great to know that the youth are achieving more.

“Ini Varum Kaalam, Ilaignar Kaalam”.

“இனி வரும் காலம் இளைஞர் காலம்”.

“The Future is, of Youth’s”.

We proud of Kumar that He is an active member of ChennaiLUG.

He often come to our meet and share his knowledge with us.

Here is a small interview with him.

His website

Packages maintained by him

Congrats man.

The other Four Indian Debian Developers are,

Ganesan Rajagopal,  and Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan in Bangalore.
Kapil Hari Paranjape in Institute of Mathematical Sciences Taramani. Chennai.
Varun Hiremath, student of Aerospace Engg. at IIT Madras.

Come on India. Come on.
The world is waiting for your contributions, Once Again.

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