Area Volunteers needed for Ubuntu CDs distribution

Ubuntu Tamil Team came up with a new idea of Distributing Ubuntu CDs to all over Tamilnadu.

Already, Mark Shuttleworth is doing this via

What this people are going to do?

m. Even though Shuttleworth sends ubuntu CDs to all over the world, it costs more to him.

Even download a 700 MB cd is nowadays easy with the broadband connections in india.
So, why we have to give more expenditure to Shuttleworth, which we can get locally.

Here, Ubuntu Tamil Team is forming a team of Volunteers to distribute the Ubuntu CDs all over the Tamilnadu.

We need volunteers.

The Role of the Volunteers would be,

  • Contact Ubuntu Tamil Team
  • Get the Ubuntu CDs
  • Make Backups of them
  • Contact Local Friend and Linux Users, LUGs
  • Distribute the CDs for wanted persons

This will surely reduce the costs to Shuttleworth and Give the feel of contributing to the community.

Love to become to a Volunteer?

Contact Ubuntu Tamil Team Organizer Mr. Thangamani Arun by mailing to

Even your small help will make the Open Source to spread all over Tamil Nadu

Thank You.


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