Configure DNS in Redhat

Domain Name Server for Redhat family Distros are entirely different from the Debian family Distributions.

I am being with Debian and Ubuntu for 2 years and totally forget the RedHat systems.

Suddenly, My Friend Thanigairajan asked my how to configure Bind DNS in RHEL 5.

I searched net and found some interesting links.

Here are they.


Using those links, you can easily configure Bind DNS in RedHat Systems.


2 thoughts on “Configure DNS in Redhat

  1. I get more than a few hits from this as a referral. The trick with Bind or anything DNS related is patience. DNS can sometimes take a very long time to be updated everywhere, but it can also be easily blocked.

    If your having troubles, take it easy the answers not far away. I had Bind going in under 5 hours using my documentation on orangespike which came from research on the web.

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