Happy Birthday Debian

Happy Birthday Debian !

Yes, the most stable operating system under the Sun, today celebrates its 15th Birthday.

The most popular and stable GNU/Linux operating system Debian has turned 15 today. In these last 15 years Debian has established itself as the most stable operating system. Most of the popular GNU/Linux distributions, like Ubuntu and Knoppix, are based on Debian.

 There are many interesting facts about Debian which makes it even more adorable. Debian was announced on            16 August 1993 by Ian Murdock, who is now vice president of developer and community marketing at Sun. The name Debian originates from Debora, the then girl friend of Ian, and ‘ian’ from Ian, thus forming Deb+ian.

All the versions of Debian are named after characters from the film Toy Story. There are always three versions one is stable, other is testing and third one being experimental. Since experimental version is the most bleeding edge and a bit unstable so it has been named after Sid, the emotionally unstable next-door neighbour boy who regularly destroyed toys. However, even the unstable or experimental version of Debian is more stable than any other ‘stable’ distro.

Debian is known for its conservative approach when it comes to stability and that is what makes it rock-solid stable. The current version of Debian stable is Etch or version 4, which will be replaced by Lenny to be released later this year.

To celebrate the day, Debian fans are organising birthday parties all around the globe.

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