Workshop on Free Fonts Creation


Beautiful fonts always give great satisfaction for the workdone.
They only add cherish and blossoms to the “Print” Industry.

I always wonder how the creative people create such beautiful fonts?

Linux has some nice collection of fonts. But the amount of Open Source
Fonts compared to the commercial font is very less.

Even the number of Tamil Unicode Fonts in Linux is very less.

“If it is not there, create your own.”

I asked several people on how to create Tamil Fonts?

FontForge is the answer.

Well. Got the software. Opened it. Then?
How to proceed?

Longing for a tutorial or teacher long time.

Here, My friend Amachu comes with a wonderful solution.

Hiren from Swatantra Malayalam computing will be here on 13, 14 Sep to
take hands on sessions, on creating Fonts using FOSS tools.

The workshop has two prime objectives in mind,

1) Creation of Free Fonts (few to begin with) (particularly Tamil)
properly Free Software Licensed and make it available at major GNU/
Linux distributions
over the next six months.

2) Bringing out a handy book that demonstrates the various tools and
steps involved creation of fonts.

People desiring to help us in this objective, also aspiring to create
beautiful fonts are invited to attend this workshop. NRCFOSS will be
hosting the event.

People who can help organizing the resources for the event are also invited.

Participants are requested not to consider the event free of cost, and
contribute in any possible way they could.

Kindly mail me at

if you are interested, with your contact details.

Topic : Creating Fonts using FOSS tools.

Place : NRC-FOSS, MIT, Chrompet, Chennai

Date : 13,14 September 2008

Contact :

Please come with all your friends. Let us create beautiful fonts.


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