ILUGC Virtualization Workshop

Chennai Linux User Group is conducting a workshop on Virtualization.

Details are below:

ILUGC Virtualization Workshop:

Date: Sep 14th 2008
Day : Sunday
Time: 10AM to 5PM (6Hrs)
Place: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
CIT Campus, Tharamani,
Chennai 600113

Speckers: Kapil Hari Paranjape
Raja Subramanian
Shuveb Hussain
Vijay Kumar B

Session I (10AM – 1PM):

Virtualization Theory
* Why Virtualization
* Concept
* Full Virtualization
* Hardware-assisted Virtualization
* Hardware Emulation
* Partial Virtualization
* Paravirtualization
* OS level Virtualization
* Jail Root chroot
* Pros and Cons of Virtualization
* Comparison of Virtualization Tools
* Interesting use-cases

Demo Starts:

BASIC install, config and running of multiple OS with Virtualization
Tools. Basic Installation and Configuration are done with Projector.
Adv demo are with laptops/ PC to small group of people.

Session II (2PM to 5PM)

* Demo Continues…


1. If you are willing show demo, Plz bring your laptop or PC.
2. We are trying to arrange *simple* lunch (you have to pay).
3. ILUGC will not provide any certificate for this workshop.


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