Software Freedom Day 2008 Celebrations at Jaya Engg College, Chennai

Jaya Engineering College,Chennai is doing greater things on FOSS.
It has a separate FOSS Lab and enthusiastic staff with students crew.

This year Software Freedom Day 2008 is celebrated with interesting
events on 21 sep, 2008.

2 online events, Demo stalls, talks, Live demos, competitions
added sweet to the events.

The highlight events is “Kattatra Menporul” book release.

The book is a collection of articles of Richard M Stallman, GNU.
Ma.Shri.Ramadoss (amachu) has done this excellent work of translation
into tamil.

The chairman of the college released the book.
Kiran Chandra, FSF-India got the first copy of the book.

Then, 25th Birthday of GNU was celebrated by showing the Video of
Stephen fry [] followed by a CAKE cutting ceremony.

we enjoyed a lot.

Then, College principal, chairman, Staff and HOD (M.Kumaran) gave their talk.
Kiran chandra and Senthilnathan (Aazhi Publishers) shared their thoughts.

Live demo on “multimedia in linux” was shown by students.
Some XGL videos and “Big Buck Bunny” movie was shown.
we all enjoyed the movie well.

After lunch, we visited the demo stalls.
7 wonders of FOSS i.e Ubuntu, Firefox, wikipedia, MySQL, Python,, Apache were explained by the students.

Then Harish gave a talk on “Why to migrate to FOSS?”.
Me and Ramadoss talked about ChennaiLUG and other FOSS activities in India.

Then we winded up with National Anthem.

It is so wonderful to see this students and the miracle HOD Kumaran.
Hats off to Kumaran sir.

He is the inspiration for all the students there.
Keep On Going sir.

The Compiring Team made the show very interesting.
The Organizing Team showed their unity and skills in this show.

Wishes for All students.


Here are some snaps:

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