Chennai Linux User Group, October Month Meet

ILUGC Meet (Oct 11th):-

Time : Sat Oct 11th 15:00 IST 2008
Venue: ADI-TeNeT Seminar Hall,
       Room No: CSD 320,
       Electrical Science Block,


Talk 1: Overview of /proc file-system
        By Raman P (30min)

/proc is a pseudo-filesystem which is used as an interface to kernel
data structures rather than reading and interpreting /dev/kmem.  Most
of it is read-only, but some files allow kernel variables to be
changed. This talk will cover the basic of this file system.

Talk 2: Asterisk – The Open Source PBX & Telephony Platform (1:30min)
        By Giovanni Maruzzelli,, Italy

1) Asterisk overview
2) Asterisk’s Channel Drivers overview
3) Hardcore Asterisk development challenges
4) How chan_celliax works: audio, signaling, dsp
5) Chan_celliax hardware: audiocables, datacables, cellphones
6) How chan_skypiax works: audio, signaling
7) Celliax and skypiax dialplan usage
8) Celliax and skypiax AMI manager usage
9) Directoriax, app_directory on steroids
10) Putting all together in a simple example
11) Q&A Session 

1. Amachu’s Tamil book will be available for sales.
2. SFD Exp @ Jaya and Kambhan College.
3. FOSS Workshop experiences @ Shaastra 2008.

All are welcome. Entry Free.
Meet you there 🙂

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