Ubuntu Mentor Project

Hello all,

In this December, Ubuntu Tamil Team will be introducing the Ubuntu Mentor Project.   As a part of this project, members of the Ubuntu Tamil
Team will travel wide across Tamil Nade and spread the awareness about
GNU/Linux using Debian/Ubuntu. They will conducting a range of training
programs to cater to different types of audiences.

In the beginning, two kinds of activities will be taken up,

1. Based on Debian/Ubuntu, 2 day training programs for Students and
2. Based on Debian/Ubuntu, 1 day training programs for Employed and
General Public.

As per the real-time requirements, the programs can be extended to more
days or shortened up.  The training will be conducted using both English
and Tamil languages. This is an initiative by Ubuntu Tamil Team with a
personal interest and motive to become a self-sufficient and independent
body to conduct such training programs in future.

If you are confident of your abilities to participate and enlighten
people, with sufficient knowledge and experience in working with
Debian/Ubuntu, we welcome you to join the family of Ubuntu Mentor Team.
The minimum requirement to join us will be the ability to communicate in
Tamil (as this will be important once we leave the urban grounds behind
and enter into rural lands).

Future plans are to include training programs on programming, web
development, etc. but if your would be able to handle these topics now
we will be delighted to include them as well, perhaps in the training
programs for students and teachers.

We also express our interest in coordinating with various GNU/Linux User
Groups, Government Projects and Organizations, NGOs, Academic
Institutions, Corporates and other Individuals to join us in this
initiative and make it a grand success. Please help us to this cause by
spread the word to other LUG mailing lists, related web groups,
educational institutions, organizations which are interested in knowing
about GNU/Linux and would like to have a training program on the same.
For all details on conducting this program in the organization you
belong to or to know more details about this program, please feel free
to mail amachu@ubuntu.com .

We have started to plan and schedule the program and would be great if you could
act fast.

Related Wiki Page:
Register today as Ubuntu Mentor at:

Thank you,

Amachu & Ubuntu Tamil Team

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3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Mentor Project

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  2. Hi

    This is a fantastic effort.

    Go ahead!!!!

    All credits to u people.

    Any support from our side will be taken care.

    Soon I will organise for a launh in ooty and invite u


    Terrance S. Rajesh
    Key Info Development Systems

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