Free Software – Kattatra Menporul – Tamil Book

My Friend Ma.ShriRamadoss (amachu) has translated the articles of GNU God RMS
Richard M Stallman and published in gnu website.


The translations are collected and compiled into a book.

he wished to release the book for the Software Freedom Day 2008.

He struggled a lot to find a publisher.
After a deep search of Bharathi and Ma.Sivakumar,
he found “Azhi Publishers”.

Mr.Senthil kumar of Azhi is very interested in FOSS.
He had already issued a monthly magazine called “Kanimozhi” on 2003-04.

Now, Amachu approached senthil, and the magic happened.

Yes. The book is published.


The book is designed well and the contents are in a neat pagination.

Thanks a lot to senthil and ramadoss for bringing out this excellent treasure
to the tamil readers.

About the book

This book explains all the philosophies of GNU, FOSS, the politics behind software,
patents, copyleft, Intellectual properties, the dangers of patents etc.

everything in Tamil.

All the things above said are hard to understand in english for a normal tamil reader like me. We can learn anything if said in our mother tongue.

Really ramadoss and senthil did a wonderful contribution to the tamil world.

“Thanks” is a simple normal word. It can not say anything for their contribution.

The book is published under copyleft. You can use any part of the book on your own wish.

Get a copy of the book and read.

You will get the details in depth.

Published by:
Aazhi Publishers,
12, First Main Road,
United India Colony,
Chennai. Ph: +91 44 4358 7585.

Rs – 60/- only

It is an essential book for all Foss Lovers

Your buying if this book will encourage the auther and publisher to bring out
more books in tamil.

Please buy this book and support them.

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