Foss Projects for Students

This is project time for college students. B.E, M.C.A, B.C.A students will be searching for projects.

Mostly they all do or buy some project and throw away. But yearly more than 50,000 students come out from tamil nadu itself.

We have to change the studnts projects into FOSS contribution.

There are tons of FOSS software which needs contribution.

Normally, a student spends 6 months for a project.
6 months is a neat period for study and improve any FOSS project.

We have to make a list of required applications for linux and guide the students to
start them. sooner the community will join with them and the contribution will rock.

To do list:

1. create awareness to students about contribution
2. teach them about sourceforge and urge them to release their project in it.
3. create a list of required applications
4. create a list of mentors
5. bridge the mentors and students.

How to start this?
Give your ideas.

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9 thoughts on “Foss Projects for Students

  1. Hi

    I am a third year student in IT-BHU, Varanasi.

    I am quite interested in FOSS, and I believe I can help spread word about it in my college…

    I humbly request you to please provide me the following:
    1. A text tutorial on how to use Sourceforge (initiating and joining projects)
    2. A suggestive list of projects in which student contribution will be helpful.

    You can reach me at harshath DOT jr AT gmail DOT com

  2. Hi
    I am a second year student chennai.
    I am an armature in Foss though i am greatly impressed by it . I really would like a helping hand from the professional . I want to see some small Foss projects source code . hence i can enhance my knowledge

    thank you

  3. Hello sir,
    I am Neeraj Gupta from IT-BHU studying in III Yr.
    I am very much interested in Foss and am looking forward to do some project.

    I would like to have a list of the ongoing projects and how can students join the project.

    You can reach me at neerajDOTguptaDOTvnsATgmailDOTcom.


  4. Hi,
    I m a 4th sem student of Govt. Model EnG College under CUSAT, Cochin, pursuing CSE.

    I m eager to know what projects are available to make a study and choose one that fits my capabilities and likes.

    I would thanq 4 ur response

  5. i am interested to do a project in foss. please give me some idea to do a project.we have lot of interested to do a foss project,but we dont know the basics of foss so please kindly help us todo our project and suggest us to select the project

  6. Hi Sir,

    I am damn interested in working GNU projects/FOSS…..please suggest me how and where to start….

  7. respectd ,
    i am da student of met colleges nasik. doing my engg in computer.
    sir my interest is in linux so plz do kindly help me i the final year projetc.
    also want some sugesstions from u regarding the projetcs in linux.
    earlier also i had done my project in linux Fedora 8 when i was in diploma named Linux Terminal Server

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