A need for Freelancers Directory

I recently come across a lot of project requirements in FOSS technologies.

They fall under php, perl, ruby, Linux training, Network services installation and more.

In Chennai, there are lot of people and startups doings these kind of things.

But still, most of the times I don’t know whom to contact.

Chennai Linux User Group
is a vital source for skillful people. via this, I get a lot
of contacts and I forward all the project requests to them.

It will be nice, if there is a freelancers directory available online. So that anyone can
search and select their required people.

Planning to collect the details. Will make a site for this soon.

Please tell your thoughts.


One thought on “A need for Freelancers Directory

  1. Hi tshrinivasan –

    Couple of things.

    One, I run two freelancer sites myself (or my company does), and we’ve been trying to pin down a freelancer site directory for weeks now. It seems this kind of thing is hard to find. I found one site, but that’s about it. Just do a search for “freelancers directory” and you’ll find a few links, only one is an actual directory.

    Two, if you start this directory, add us to it! My site is http://www.thesuperlancers.com. My friend Lance runs the web and graphic design-only freelancers site FreakLance (http://www.freak-lance.com)

    And three, if you program yourself, why not come sign up with us and bid on projects? Best to keep ‘many irons in the fire’ these days so you can pick up work at a variety of places, rather than just one.

    Be good to hear back from you. Let me know your thoughts.


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