Foss Projects to Select and Work On

After the OSI Tech Days events are finished, Me, Yogesh and Sriram had a great Coffee-Shop meeting.

The talk was going about giving back, the contribution to the community.

Till now, I did not do any coding contribution even though dreaming a lot.

We decided to start on any FOSS projects. We made a list of projects to select and work on it.

Here is the list.

  • Enhancing Ruby – Ruby is missing a lot of libraries compared to python or perl. Have to find out the missing libraries and add them
  • OCR in Tamil – Optical Character Recognition is a vast area of research and such a tool for Tamil will be a great one.
  • Accounting – Tally is THE software for accounting in India. Still there is no open source alternate. With some accounting persons, we can do it ourself.
  • CAD – There is no big alternate for AutoCAD. QCAD is there. But it is still in infancy. we can learn QCAD and enhance it. Or we can start alternates for ProE, Ansys, CATIA etc.
  • Visualisation Tools for CAD files – The output files from CAD, ProE,Ansys, CATIA are in binary format. We have to reverse engineer them and create viewers for them.
  • Video EditorKino looks simple but it needs more attention and should be as easy and Windows Movie Maker.
  • Ogg player for Sony Mobiles – Sony Ericsson Mobiles are lake in third party software. They dont have Ogg players. Have to make them.
  • gmailfs – we can use gmail as a remote filesystem. Current drivers for linus are buggy. we can fix them.
  • Text-To-Speech for TamilDhvani is a promising Text-To-Speech for indic languages. But it needs attention and enhancements.
  • Portal for all LUGs – India has so many LUGs. We have to make a portal to connect all of them and share the information about meetings, happenings, aontributions, activities etc.
  • Device Drivers for USB BroadBand – Connecting to Internet using USB cables is still in infancy in linux. ave to make drivers for all the connections.
  • File Recovery for ext3/ext4 – This may seems like impossible, until someone makes it. Why can’t we make it?
  • Ruby for mobile Devices – why cant we use Rubu to create mobile applications? Why one J2ME? Can JRuby used for this?
  • Alternate to Dreamweaver – I know a lot of people who think PHP is a part of Dreamweaver and they cant do anything on PHP without dreamweaver. There is no perfect alternate for it. Shall we start one?
  • Alternate to flash – hmmm. Another missing software. synfig-studio is promising alternate. Have to concentrate on it and enhance it.
  • Scribus Enhancements – Scribus is a better alternate to Adobe Pagemaker and InDesign. But DTP people feel it buggy and tough to work. Have to enhance it.
  • GIMP Plugins – GIMP can be plugged in with a lot of plugins. Compared with photoshop, the plugins are less. We can create them easily.
  • Mozilla Plugins – Still Firefox and Thunderbird need tons of plugins.
  • Blender Plugins – Blender is growing much but commercial 3D developers feel it so young because of lack of plugins as Maya or 3D studio. Make plugins for Blender and make it a better alternate.
  • Remote Access via Web – we need alternates for gotomeeting, which is used to access remote desktops easily using simple web connection.
  • 3D Race Games – There are no super dooper 3D racing games compared to Need For Speed. There are some games, but they need our attention.
  • Yahoo Voice Chat – Still voice chat with yahoo users is not possible. There are some budding tools. Find them and enhabce it.
  • Gtalk Voice Chat – Same as yahoo. People started to work on this. Join with them and make it possible.
  • Voice Recognision Engine – Ya. The big dream of million people. Start on this.

The list is not ended.

You can see here also.

I perticipaed on a Panel Disscussion at OSI days.
The topic is “Career Trends on Open Source”.

I requested students not buy the projects.
They have to do their project by their own.

Career should be a by-product of their skill, passion and contribution. Companies will find the studnets who start contributing.

I request you, if you are a studnet, please, please select any one of a Open Source Project and start contributing it.

Read here before starting your project.



2 thoughts on “Foss Projects to Select and Work On

  1. sir super..unga mathri yaravathu guide ku irukanaum..students konjam think that we can promote this..

    continue ur gr8 job

  2. sir, tis is very much useful we r also interested to do our projects on our own sir.we need to thank ,u only sir.we wil do our projects in foss on our own

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