Google summer of code 2009 meetup at chennai

There is a GSoC meetup planned where you can meet few summer of coders from the past and everyone who is planning to participate this year is welcome to share/exchange ideas and clear up any doubts they have regarding the program. Some of the students from the past years who will now be mentoring are also going to be present 🙂

So in case you happen to be in Chennai and can make it, please do 🙂

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 4:30:00 PM IST
Agenda: Discuss/Share/Talk/Have Fun aka Feel the Love of SoC 😛
Venue: CCD, IIT Madras Campus.

Whom/How to contact:
Join the GSoC – Indian Community Mailing Lists:
Or catch any one of us at ##gsoc-india on

People who have confirmed so far:

  • Akarsh Simha – GSoC 2008 student for KDE/Kstars and GSoC 2009 Mentor
  • for the same 🙂 IRC Nick – kstar
  • Arun Chaganty – GSoC 2008 student for Gnome, IRC Nick – vimzard
  • Sudharshan S – GSoC 2008 student for Openmoko, IRC Nick – Sup3rkiddo
  • Ajay Kumar – GSoC 2008 student for Sahana, IRC Nick – ajuonline
  • Sivaji – Going to apply for GSoC 2009 student for Drupal, IRC Nick – sivaji

Thanks to sivaji for the information.


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