Ready to develop a FOSS application? Here is a call for you

CARE is an international voluntary organization working for the
socio-economic development of some of the most marginalized and
economically challenged communities in over 65 countries.

One of the strategies for alleviation of poverty is through promoting
accessible credit for small enterprise to the rural poor. For
efficient management, this requires a database application which can
track community members’ savings and loans. We are looking for
developers who can provide a web-based solution towards this end.
Specifically, we are looking for expertise in the LAMP stack.

Experience in microfinance would be a definite advantage, although
domain expertise would be provided by CARE staff. The software will be
used by small, local NGOs whose staff may have only basic computer
operating skills and therefore, requires a certain simplicity in the
user interface. Those committed to using OSS to help fight poverty
would be welcome.

This is a good opportunity to be associated with an NGO and could be
your contribution to fighting poverty. Although we would like this
assignment to be taken up on a voluntary basis, CARE would certainly
reimburse expenses incurred in the course of this assignment and also
consider a compensation if you so insist..

This initiative will be coordinated by the CARE office in Chennai, but
could also be done through our Hyderabad office if the person cannot
travel to Chennai.

For more information on CARE:

Christopher Vasanth
cvasanth @


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