Rocking KanchiLUG

Kanchipuram is a small city near chennai, tamil nadu.

Yes. My native is kanchipuram.

It is my looooooong dream to have a Linux User Group in my city. It was being a dream for ages.
Now, atlast, a energetic group of students made it.

They learn linux and other FOSS technologies themself and discuss every sunday.

They have a mailing list, blog 🙂

You can join in the mailinglist and guide them.

See how they are conducting their meetings.

This the team with full spirit to learn and spread the FOSS.

Follow their activities at their blog

Wishes for the team.


3 thoughts on “Rocking KanchiLUG

  1. congrats !!!

    I know this is a very big dream for you.

    change the category of the site to “Education” because this site is blocked by firewall routers in the category PersonalAndBiographySites.

    for your info :
    Blog cannot to viewed due to firewall block .

    The web site you are trying to access:
    is listed as a site within the category PersonalAndBiographySites

    Current Internet Access Configuration does not allow you to visit sites within this category at this time.

    i feel most people will have this problem.

    Any way that ‘s the information that I want to pass-it on to you.

    Once again I keep saying Keep rocking !!! Boooooom Boom

    God bless you !!!

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