Solve Korganizer Day/Month View problem

Korganizer is the default Personal Information Manager(PIM) for KDE.

I love its integrated components as Kmail, Kalendar, Akregator, Journal, To-Do list etc.

The calendar gives various views as Day/Week/Month etc, which makes me to Getting-Things-Done.

The latest kubuntu 9.04 has some problem in calendar’s Day/Week view. It shows nothing 😦

It should show Day and Month view.

googled  and found the solution in the following links.

The configuration file for the KOrganizer is

It has the following section

Enable Month-View Scrollbars=true
Separator AgendaView=210,679,0

The above links says to set the value of Separator AgendaViewto 0,0

I set as “Separator AgendaView=132,428” for a box and it worked well.

If you get the same problem, try changing the value and get it fixed.


Now the Day/Week view is working fine.

Thanks for the KDE community.


2 thoughts on “Solve Korganizer Day/Month View problem

  1. Great, work fine!!!
    My korgranizerrc file (on Kubuntu 9.04) is on /home/myhome/.kde/share/config, I modified this with the suggest value and work good.
    I love Korganizer, thanks 🙂

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