YuuGuu – Free Screen Sharing Application for Linux

yuugoo.com is giving a free tool for online screen sharing application.

YuuGuu is the tool, which is a great alternate for its commercial vendors webex and GotoMeeting.

Webex is so costly that we, individuals can not evey imagine to buy.
GoToMeeting works only with windows.

I am searching a tool like this for long time and found it today. It is YuuGuu.

It is free and commercial versions also available.

Tested with linux and windows environments and it is sufficient for online meetings, remote troubleshootings,
presentations and screen sharing.

Host should install the application and create an account. It is free only.
The Guests are no need to install anything.Browser is enough.

The speed also fine.

Thanks for YuuGuu.


6 thoughts on “YuuGuu – Free Screen Sharing Application for Linux

  1. Just tested Yuuguu. Very easy to get going. The rcvr end reported lag and there’s no voice built in but they could see what I was talking about and that was what mattered.

    Option to save chat would be nice but you can copy and paste with no problem.

    Video on youtube search ‘yuuguu’ should be up in about 10min.

    Overall, a great tool and thanks to the poster!

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