Vote : A site for Indian Linux User Group, Chennai

Indian Linux User Group, Chennai [ILUGC] is getting prepared to have its new site.

Its old site is out of our control and we are forced to move to a new site.

We had a lot of discussions in our mailing list regarding the new site and its requirements.

There were plenty of opinions and suggestions for the new site.

Some suggested simple, plain text, static sites with minimum and essential pages.
Some wanted very dynamic pages powered by any CMS with wiki, polls, forums, maps, calendars etc.
Some suggested that the site’s content should be contributed by community
Some wished that the content should be validated and maintained by a group of volunteers and spamfree.

And the ILUGC members proved that they are ready to do the things than discuss and
came up with their own demo site for Indian Linux User Group, Chennai. 🙂

This is the power of the community to take responsibility and do the needful.


Here are the sites.



by Vamsee
As of now, simple HTML.
Has essential information on ChennaiLUG and its activities.



by KG
As of now, Wiki Style.
Anyone can edit the pages.
Content can be generated and maintained by Public.



by M.Bala
As of now, Admin(s) has the control on the content.
Mostly static pages + Very few dynamic pages (meet,event,..)


Three sites are still in infant stage and may need more attention and content.

But still, we want to concentrate on a single site for ILUGC so that all can give suggestions
on developing that single site.

We have our next public event, Software Freedom Day 2009 on Sep 19th.

So we have decide the main site by 24th or 25th.

Here is your part in making the site for the Indian Linux User Group, Chennai.


Yes. You.

You can vote for any one of the three sites and the Top Ranked site will be THE SITE for ILUGC.

Please vote here.

Thanks for your votes.

Wait and see that your selection is made as THE  SITE for ILUGC.  🙂


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