Linux Expo at Kamban Engg College, Thiruvannamalai

Kamban Engineering College, Thirvanammalai is organising a Linux Expo on coming sep 10,11,and 12.

Last week me and friend Thanigairajan went there to assist students on their stalls. Wow. There is a wonderful energetic team filled in the Lab even in sunday.

The Department HOD, Staff and Lab Incharge are so interested in teaching and helping students to learn.

I helped to setup ldap and install SHR – a mini OS for openmoko mobiles.
Thanigai was helping to setup MySQL clustering.

Then, we had good lunch there. Thyagarajan is heading this expo and spending lot of time with the students to motivate them to live in a FOSS way.

Students are so interested to learn new concepts.

There are so many projects going there.
Some with Aurdino, LIRC, CMS, Custom linux, python programming with D-Bus, Ruby on Rails etc.

There are nearly 35 projects to be showed in the events.

Raaman, Asokan, Baskar are going to give talk there.

I am going there on sep 11.

Let us wish the students and the organizing team.


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