Atul Chitnis talks about the young open source developers in India

Came across this wonderful talk video delivered by Atul Chitnis at Google India-Banglore wherein he talks about young Indian developers like Suparna Bhattacharya, Pradeepto, Kartik, Gopal who are doing a great contribution in Open Source Community.
The video is quite long, 1 hr 30 mins to be precise but I guess its worth it.

The video is here.

Building and sustaining a technical community – Mr Atul Chitnis

Mr Atul Chitnis – Chief Products Officer and Senior Vice President at Geodesic Limited.

Arguably one of India’s best known technologists, Atul has been at the forefront of India’s technology evolution since the 1980s, correctly predicting and driving new technology waves such as data communication, networking, the Internet, wireless and mobile computing, and Open Source, among others.

Thanks for Kaustubh Naik of Goa LUG for pointing this video.


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