Install OpenShot video editor in ubuntu

[] is a budding non-linear video editor in linux. It is easy to use and comes with nice features.

You can download the openshot.deb file and dependency files from the above link.

After installing all files using “sudo dpkg -i *.deb” we can start openshot from terminal.

For me, it threw the following error.

shrinivasan@shrinivasan-laptop:~/Desktop/openshot$ openshot
Added /usr/share/openshot to system path                   
   OpenShot (version 0.9.34)                               
/usr/share/openshot/windows/ GtkWarning: gtk_toolbar_set_icon_size: assertion `icon_size != GTK_ICON_SIZE_INVALID’ failed                                                                                                                                    
  return, root, domain)                                                                                    
A new frmMain has been created                                                                                                           
Traceback (most recent call last):                                                                                                       
  File “/usr/bin/openshot”, line 50, in <module>                                                                                         
  File “/usr/share/openshot/”, line 57, in main                                                                               
    form1 = MainGTK.frmMain(project=current_project, version=info.SETUP[‘version’])                                                      
  File “/usr/share/openshot/windows/”, line 113, in __init__                                                                   
    self.OSTreeTransitions = TreeTransitions.OpenShotTree(self.treeTransitions, self.project)                                            
  File “/usr/share/openshot/windows/”, line 51, in __init__                                                            
    pbThumb = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(file_path)                                                                                    
glib.GError: Couldn’t recognize the image file format for file ‘/usr/share/openshot/transitions/sand.svg’  

There is some problem with reading svg files in python.

So, searched in google and found that installing librsvg2-common will solve this problem.

sudo apt-get install librsvg2-common


Now openshot works well.

OpenShot is made of python,pyGTK,Glade,MLT framework.
It needs more improvements and students can participate and get their final year project done.


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