How to get a Linux Admin Job?

Often, I am getting requests for a job from freshers who do there RHCE course.

If is tough to hire RHCE freshers as they dont have any practical experiences with realtime problems.

Recently, got a mail from a guy asking for a linux admin job, after finishing his RHCE. 🙂

Here is my reply to him.


Nice to get the resume.

I hope you have much knowledge in linux administration.
But, being a fresher, it is tough to prove to the people
that you have much knowledge.

People hesitate to give linux admin jobs to freshers as
they could not handle REALTIME servers without experience.

This is a chicken and egg problem. 🙂

To comeout of this, show your skills to the community
and put your community activities in your resume.

The following things will give you tons of opportunities.

1. Goto schools/colleges/Offices.

Install Linux servers there. Setup a network with ubuntu desktops.
you can do this for free or little cost.
only thing is, you have to go and ask the people for the opportunity.
Most of the time, you will be rejected. But even 1 opportunity will
give you a great experience.
Instead of asking for jobs, you can ask your friends for this opportunity.

2. Be a active member in Linux User Groups.

Join Chennai Linux User Group and KanchiLUG.

ChennaiLUG is having monthly meeting on every 2nd saturday at IIT-Madras.
KanchiLUG is having every sunday at siva kalvi nilaiyam, ppm.

Attend meetings, teach people what you know.
you can teach anything. from simple commands to servers setup.
This will make people to notice you.

Both LUGs have many people who can give you more opportunities.

Join the mailing lists and answer to the questions people ask.
This will increase your knowledge.

Dont miss to participate in the public events these LUGS do.

3. Answer to Forums & IRC

There are many forums where you can answer to questions.
This is the easiest way to increase the knowledge.

These are the best places where you can hangout. Answer the questions
for the server related questions.

learn IRC. answer questions on #linux-india,#ubuntu,#fedora

4. Have a blog.

start a blog on or
share your knowledge in the blogs.
Whatever you learn/do/try/fail/fear/conquer related to linux, blog it.

5. Come out of RHCE

Go beyond RHCE, Certification is just a start. Grow beyond it. Linux is vast,
can not fix it into a 3 books. Learn lot of things like Subversion,
Database administration,   Backups, Security, Clustering, Virtualization, Shell scripting, LTSP,
Any language like Ruby/Python/Perl.

People avoid who stops learning.

6. Read / Read / Read

Read more tutorials, how-tos, blogs, forums etc.

Keep on reading and do all the experiments.

7. Use Linux

Use linux as your desktop. Be 100% away from windows.
Install ubuntu or fedora. Install multimedia codecs.
Play audio/Video. Play 3d games. Create graphics using gimp/Inkscape.
Use OpenOffice, Burn CDs/DVDs, ..

Live with Linux.

Yes. There are more things to do.

But the above list is what I did to get a job with linux and it worked for me.
It worked for many people too.

If you do all the above said and put them in your resume,
those text will start to glow in your resume and catch the companies eyes.

They will check the links you give in resumes like your blog and
community activities.

There wont be any need for any experience than what you show to the
community in web.

You should continue them after you get the job too.
That will take you to the higher levels.

Hope you get the points.

Keep on posting us what you are doing.



Do you have any other points to add?
Please share in the comments.



69 thoughts on “How to get a Linux Admin Job?

  1. I’m probably alone with this opinion but I quite strongly believe that someone who has enough skills to clear the RHCE deserves a job as a sysadmin due to the pure nature of the RHCE exam — it’s purely practical and time-bound enough to simulate the ‘real world’. If she’s a fresher then get her in as a junior member; she’ll surely pick up within months.

    My Re. 1 ($ 0.02 roughly converted 😉 )

    • he probably fails to understand what an RHCE is capable of doing. he probably thinks that an RHCE passes a written exam. to earn a RHCE it is assumed that u have some experience in sys. admin. , its not likely that u would be able to pass the RHCE test as ur first certification.

      the RHCE test is a real test, they gave u a broken system and ask u to fix it , configure etc etc. plus a written test, this is about 6 hours combined.

  2. Hi,

    It may true for some people. It all depends on the individuals who really learrns from RHCE.

    Most of the training centers teach how to win the Exam and they loose the basics of linux.

    As a technical recruiter, I have frustrated with RHCE people who have only lab/exam/class knowledge and forget everything after some months.

    Most RHCEians like spoon-feeding and hesitate to self learning. Thats why they stop learning.

    But still, there are potential people who learns constantly even after RHCE and it is their own nature.

    I strongly suggest people to grow this self learning nature.
    This only makes the real skillful person.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi ,
    Thanks Shrinivasan to define it in clear way. In my point of view few tips…

    1) be practice with various distributions
    2) read and try from Linuxforyou magazine tips&tricks
    3) If you wont get opportunities then install virtualbox and configure 3 or more virtual machines and simulate your own lab.
    4) read/reply/post in forums, LUGs

    It will workout excellently for freshers. Certifications are only for identity and for preference to interview. But people should practice more and more…

    If people are fresher and have practical knowledge, company could hire them.

  4. Thanks Srinivasan for your Admin Qualiites U Speak about the Real Things Thats True There is no Shortcut for it this is the only Shortcut with long live in linux Flavour

  5. hi sir am kiran am eager to know LAMP course please can u tell the future aspects of this course …

    after completing this course how much i can earn and is there best future after finishing this course

    linux,apache,mysql and php course

    please tel me the details sir

    mail to me

    am still jobless plan to do this course

    please tel the way to best to me sir

    bye take care

  6. Useful tips those.
    Besides IMO there are couple of other useful things that a potential system admin can do
    1. Join groups like LOPSA.
    2. Get involved with groups like freecommunity(
    3. Virtual Machines: That’s one awesome thing to try out various things without disturbing your main OS. And also you can learn about settings up various machines on a network without really requiring as many machines. You can emulate more than one machine and networking between them.

  7. Hi shrinivasan sir,

    I am continuosly reading your post…As i am doing RHCE course now…..i need a job after finishing RHCE..Being a fresher is it possible to get a job……

  8. hello srinivasan sir, i am neha MCA fresher. i read all your comments, all are useful for freshers like us. sir could you please tell me in detail that now a days apart from linux, what will be the better field or course so that i can get a job earlier after completing the course? is it software testing? or oracle dba? or linux admin?
    please sir give me the details as per current and upcoming market that i can join that course.its very imp and emergency for id is

    • Hi,

      As you did MCA, you might already known that there are so many domains in IT.

      Programming, DB, visual graphics, sound engineering, 3d, 2d, sys admin, networking, mobile programming, telecom.

      the list is endless.

      you only have to think on what interest you much.

      Whatever course you do, do it with full interest and enthu.

      you believe that all your 3 years of MCA wont get a job and a 3 month course will get it to you. so, you have to learn 100% and work hard 100$ during the course.

      again, I can not suggest you any course.

      As I see the future is in the Open Source Technologies, I wish you to learn the open source technologies.

      Wishes. Shrini

  9. @Srinivasan

    Dear Sir,

    I was a graduate engineering student passed out in the year 2009, and has been RHCE certified in the month of Feb 2009 itself.I have tried many places initially as a fresher but in vain.I have installed rhel 5.0 at my Home PC and have been practising the commands and have been venturing new trials and techniques.In the month of Aug 09 I have been appointed by the company called Tera Soft,hyderabad wherein I had to work as a System -Officer Consultant for their client that is the Indian Judiciary System at Maharashtra.The indian Govt has proposed of e-governance in all its sectors and one of which is e-courts that implies to all district courts.I work for the said project at Mumbai -city .The kiond of job does involve working on Linux platform right from servers to court departments to judges laptops.For me I needed more exposure into Linux systems but its king of sloppy and restricted as the job is govt alike.So please assist for me to shift my base


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I hope you read this article fully.

      The article is the answer for your query.

      update me if you are doing any of the things said in the article.



  10. @srinivasan

    thanks for the reply

    But Sir
    Whatever we do we just learn those stuff but have no practical implementation of the same.What I meant was of an industrial exposure like I can work under a potential team under the sdame platfrom.Linux is huge but there is still more to learn.there are quite a few companies that work on linux but run their desired appplications on it.I intend learn new things and see how the opearating system is being implemented exactly.I have joined certain groups under such as tech group ,red hat ,linux community etc. besides learning new stuff posted or remarks/solutions to the problems faced ,there is no practical results.unless you see it first hand , you have better solution rather then out of the books.

    I found the field interesting but many places use windows more often even though it s security is notas good as what linux provides

  11. A god post indeed ….
    The point of “approaching schools,institutions etc..” was really good. Well I could actually see a dual perspective in this aspect because, apart from gaining experience / experimenting / on-hand learning , .. by installing linux servers / workstations in schools, colleges etc. , one gets a chance to promote OpenSource/GNU/FOSS as well. The case wherein most of them are unaware of FOSS ( apart from what they have heard as UNIX and REDHAT(this one being an Enterprise a.k.a corporate Avatar ..), this venture could spread the word to a great extent.

  12. Nice post!

    Please change the color scheme, so that text would be more readable.
    It might be hard to read on black background and with gray text color!
    Or at least make text in more bright and bold formatting.

    Thanks for nice info about certification 🙂

  13. @shrinivasan sir: Hello sir,
    I am a be gratuate in2009 and also RHCE certified.I am Searching job in linux field but in can you sujjest me the comp. or firms in pune who recruits freshers in pune or shall i switch myself to banglore,chennai or hyderabad. kindly do reply. my email id is
    thank you.

  14. hi sir… its very helpful information u have provided… u adviced a fresher to read/read/read all those forums n articles.,… but what i heard is the rhce distros n other linux distros do not function similarly… whats the use of it to learn about other distros rather than redhat’s?
    can u suggest any link where i can find forums articles solutions exclusively for redhat?

  15. hopefully waiting for ur reply… am i correct with my opinion? i have finished my rhce.. and learning ccna now… will that fetch any added advantage for me? my academic career is not at all impressive… i am a btech… a passout of 2k8… n left with backlogs… recently cleared… meanwhile i learned h/w n networking, mcse, rhce n now ccna… i am quiet confident that i have learned on my own lots of things apart from what my totur thought by spending lots of time in lab… i simply loved linux….. i strongly wanted to make my career best in redhat linux… how can i mask my unimpressive academic past n make a fruitful career?

  16. hi sir…. this is revo again… (ravindra)….. i use win xp n rhel 5 in dual booting… of my friend’s re-installed xp on my pc.. now i cant boot redhat.. no grub window is displayed…it boots directly into xp….. i tried this sol… but no use.. can u let me know how to fix it? this is what i tried…

    – boot on the Red Hat install cd
    – select ‘Linux Rescue’
    – no need to start networking
    – say yes to search for linux install
    – type ‘chroot /mnt/sysimage’
    – type ‘grub-install /dev/sda’ # probably the correct device
    – exit
    – reboot
    but couldnt recover it… can u help me with this… n waiting for ur reply for my prev post…

    • As far as i know when you install WinXP it replaces the boot record from the MBR( for other OS) hence dual booting option will not display as it does not find any info other than the latest install of Win XP (it takes the 512 MB of first disk/ first sector where the MBR is). so win XP does nt work on top of any other OS.. however if u want you can install Linux on top of win Xp(as it does not replaces the MBR and gives you the option for dual booting, while installation)

  17. i have xp on c: drive n rhel on f:…. if u dont want me to ask such ques on this portal pls let me know… i wont post any further trouble shooting ques like this… i got that sol from but it didnt fix…

  18. hi sir… its very helpful information u have provided… u adviced a fresher to read/read/read all those forums n articles.,… but what i heard is the rhce distros n other linux distros do not function similarly… whats the use of it to learn about other distros rather than redhat’s?
    can u suggest any link where i can find forums articles solutions exclusively for redhat?i have finished my rhce.. andlearning ccna now… will that fetch any added advantage for me?i learned h/w n networking, mcse, rhce n now ccna…

  19. hello mr.sri this is a very useful info u have provided.thanks a lot.i have done my RHCE certification and ccna.i am in job search now.will this redhat plus ccna knowledge put me in demand in finding a job from others?

  20. This is the problem with Linux: You just do not need to learn Linux but become a master in:
    Database administration, Backups, Security, Clustering, Virtualization, Shell scripting, LTSP,
    Any language like Ruby/Python/Perl. and more……. plus the overtime……

  21. HELLO SIR,

    I am a B.COM STUDENT . I am planning to do redhat linux in hyderabadcan u suggest me any gud institue in hyderabad & HOW SHOULD I plan to get job at a early stage

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  25. Hey…i have just strated learning RHCE. For now the goal set in my mind is to learn LINUX than to get job.
    But the above guide line seems quite perfect to me and I would certainly keep the things in mind.

    many thanks ..cheers

  26. I am using linux from past 4 years as stand alone OS. Love to use linux. continue reading linux and blogs, have a blog, started a linux group in my clg teach them linux solve there all type or problem whether I have to left my exam. I left my job because I only want to work on linux for linux by linux.
    Now struggling. Now thinking about setting a web hosting server for my newly developed website.

  27. Sir
    …..As u said..i too do RHCE ..but now i understood its just a beginning.I’am struggling to get a job as a fresher. Sure i will do the above instructions..

  28. Hi, currently I am working as php developer having almost 3 years of exp, now looking for change & planning to learn RHCE. So is it good option for me because after learning I will be fresher in this but I have 3 years of IT exp, so how they will treat me as a fresher or I could get something better because of my past exp.

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  30. Hi, currently I am working as Linux platform having 2 years of exp .i got interested in Linux and i completed my RHCE.i looking for a job for past 6 months..since my job is like a this possible to get a job in linux.kindly help me out how can i get a Linux admin job

  31. Linux Admin Training Session – Batch Status – Started – Can join max till end of July – Backup provided

    Batch Starting Date – 16th July 2013 , Batch Timing 2:00PM-5PM ,SAT-SUN – 8 Weekends

    About Technical Facilitator – Rahul has been a Redhat ,SUSE and Solaris Implementor for Mid and High range server and bring abroad the experience in application deployment . Has been in a technical consultant with us from last 4 years and helped many freshser achieve their dream job and after job support too.

    Placement Coordinator – Kamran has been associated and will be supporting the placement coordination for any new requirement , before starting any batch we request all the participant looking forward for the placement from us to submit the resume to Kamran as well as send a soft copy to .

  32. I think thiis is among thhe most significant information for me.
    And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The
    site style is perfect, the articles is really nice : D.
    Good job, cheers

  33. Hi SHRINIVASAN, great post. Can you help me?

    I decided to join any company in Linux field even for free after passing from B.Tech last year.
    Currently I am working for Company who provides Linux solutions. Solutions like mail services, Clusters, VOIP, firewalls, NAS, SAS services and other enterprise services like proxy, web, scripting, dhcp , dns etc.
    And getting RHCE certificate was too easy. To be sincere, I am a Open Source Lover.

    Not the Indian Linux Users list but I am added to other mailing lists like OpenVAS, Asterisk, Cynogenmod, etc.

    Now I am stuck in this place. Working for 5k/mnth for an year, now my boss is not increasing my salary. And I also do not want to leave the learning path.

    I am sure for this that if I join any other company for around 25k/mnth, the only work I have to do is providing the tech support over email. And even career will not improve and I will be stuck again as my profile wont improvise.


    How can I find a job with similar tasks but with around 20k as salary. ?? Because I don’t want to quit the learning path. And I am already proficient in handling and troubleshooting most of enterprise level services. And big players are asking for at least 3 yrs of experience and I have only 1 year in my bag.

    My question is, how to find and make myself visible to companies which are just new and making their way to expand. ??
    Please guide me, how to utilize this one year as the best way as possible???

    Thanks in advance

  34. dear sir,
    i have been working as rf engineer.
    now i have fed off with job profile due to no future. i want to learn linux servers from beginning. could you pls suggest me how to take the step forword to learn linux servers.

    • Hi,

      GNU/Linux is free of cost.
      You can download it and install in your laptop/desktop.
      Then, start learning yourself.

      There are millions of tutorials available in internet.

      or check for any training centers in your city.



  35. hi sir ,
    am interested in Linux and i know basic in Linux (commands,installation,mounting,and i also familiar with ubuntu .)…am interested to join the RHCE course doubt is to …i also did 3 mounts internship on Linux (net back) this my internship get job…..tomorrow my RHCE class are started plz tel me sir…what and all i have to follow to get job…..plz tel me your guide lines …my mail id

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