Ubuntu User Days – Announcement and Call for Volunteers

Hey folks,

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit for version 10.04 a couple of weeks ago,
there was a discussion for extending Ubuntu Open Week throughout the
release cycle by having a few smaller “days” in #ubuntu-classroom which
were devoted to certain things.

The idea for a Day that took shape was “Ubuntu User Day” where a
series of beginner-ish level sessions would take place. Our vision is
for this to happen on a Saturday and probably last 8-10 hours,
depending on how many folks we get volunteering to host sessions.

A wiki page is taking shape here:


We are pleased to announce the first User Day on January 23rd, Saturday
from 1200 UTC to 2200 UTC, which comes to 1730 IST to 0330 IST
. It drags
a bit late, but that is to accommodate a wide range of time zones.

The proposed topics can be seen in the link above.  If anyone is
interested in leading sessions, please add your name, topic, and time
slot at the bottom of the above link.

Right now, we don’t have many volunteers, so we’re looking for a bit of
participation from the Indian LoCo both in terms of teachers (and
participants too).  I’d like to re-emphasize that most of this is going
to be beginners friendly.

For those who haven’t understood the concept, we generally have sessions
using IRC on during the Ubuntu Open Week and Ubuntu Developer Week. If
you are new to IRC and want to participate, please see

Thanks for your help and hope to see you there.

Warm Regards
Nigel Babu
Ubuntu Community Learning Project


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