Latex Intro talk at Madras Universiry

Today, got a chance to talk with some Ph.D(Maths) students in Madras University. 🙂

Got a call from thyagu(ilugc member) for giving a talk on latex to them yesterday. Agreed.

I have played around latex two years before. Scratched my old memory. No use.
So googled around for some tutorials.

As always, google gave tons of links. Read through the following links.

The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX
An Introduction to Latex

Read through those links and got settled with latex. also helped me by giving the following nice slides.

The talk was so interesting. Explained the basic concepts of latex.
Hope they can learn it easily. 🙂

You can’t you try latex once?


2 thoughts on “Latex Intro talk at Madras Universiry

  1. Good post. Here are a few things worth passing on.

    1) The debian/ubuntu package “diploma” is a useful documentation package for learning to do academic/scientific publishing with free software tools, including LaTeX. Note that if you use apt to install it, it will appear in the dir /usr/share/doc/diploma — alternativelly you can run “apt-get source diploma” to have the files land in your local directory.

    2) has an export to LaTeX option that can be useful (see apt-get install

    3) LyX is a WYSIWYM editor that outputs LaTeX. If you haven’t tried it (or if it’s been a few years since you tried it), it’s worth trying out. I sometimes use it in conjunction with text editor (copying the latex output by LyX over to my text editor).

    4) Texlive and texlive-doc have lots of resources to learn and build on top of that are worth browsing through. texlive doc include tutorials like the “guide-to-latex”, which includes excercises. The texlive distribution comes with many packages and style files, including ones for thesis, books, et al.

    Two of of my favorites are:
    beamer — A LaTeX class for producing presentations
    booklet — for printing booklets/signatures

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