Ubuntu One – Ubuntu User Days Session

“Ubuntu One” is a very interesting project, that comes with the latest ubuntu release 9.10.

I wondered on the first sight.

Ubuntu One is a personal cloud. You have 2 GB of space to store files, notes, contacts.

Storing, syncing and sharing files, contacts, notes, and bookmarks is the service given by Ubuntu One.

Let us discuss here about installation, web and GUI clients, syncing files,notes,contacts, future plans and getting support.

Intro – As I told already, Ubuntu One is a storage service. You can think here as this is equivalent to “DropBox”.
We can store 2 GB of data for free. If we need more space, we can buy. Canonical provides commercial space.
You can buy a 50 GB space for the cost of 10$/month.

Ubuntu one supports partial downloads. It resumes the downloads automatically.
if a file is changed, it is re-synced with entire file.

All the files are stored in amazon S3 servers in USA

Let me goto Installation.
If you have ubuntu 9.10, Wow. you have already in your wallet.
It can be installed in ubuntu 9.04 too. but not in other lower ubuntu versions.

see this like for installing in ubuntu 9.04

Once Installed, you can access via Applications->Internet->Ubuntu One.
To use this, we need a Launchpad account.
you can go to http://one.ubuntu.com and login using launchpad account.
Then you can choose a subscription free 2 GB or paid 50 GB.

After subscribing, you can access the “Ubuntu One” gnome client.
This will take you to a page, where you have to add your computer to “Ubuntu One” cloud.
This is essential for the server to recognize your personal computer. Once added, you are done.

Now, you are ready to get thrilled. Your home folder has a special folder called “Ubunt One”.
This is where the magics happens.

After running the ubuntu one client, you can see a icon in top panel,
click the panel and click “connect” to connect with the server.
You can right click it. select “properties” to select the visibility options for the icon
and to change the bandwidth settings.

Once connected, you are ready. Now access the “Ubuntu One” folder via Places->Ubuntu One.
It looks like any other normal folder. But has hidden magician.
Create a folder inside and paste a file from any other folder.

Wow !
See the notification area. It is saying “Updating files“.
After a little time, it says that “updating Finished”

Thats all. This is called syncing.

Any files or folders placed inside “~/Ubuntu One” will be synced to the server.
You can create, modify, move,delete the files as you do in any other folders.
But, all your actions will be reflected in the server too.

Normally the sync happens once in 10 min. There is another interesting thing is here.
You can share your folders to other ubuntuone users. Right click any folder inside “~/Ubuntu One”.
Choose “Share on Ubuntu One”. You can give a users email address.

For example, if you want to share any folder with me, give my email address there.
You can even give me rights to modify your files by selecting “Allow Modifications” checkbox.
Then click “share”. This will send me a email saying that [name] wants to share a folder with you.
I have to accept a this by clicking a link provided in the email.

My “~/Ubuntu One” folder has a sub folder called “Shared With Me”.
This is the folder, where I get all the folders which are shared with me by other ubuntu one users.

Want to share photos? albums? letters? documents? with your family and friends?
Just place in ~/Ubuntu One and share by giving their email id.    
You reach many people in a easy path.

You can login to one.ubuntu.com via browser and see all the files.
Browser is another way of managing the ubuntu one folder
Here, a web based file browser helps us.

We can create folder, delete folder. Click a folder and “sharing” to share with others.
Same as we did with gnome client. You can upload files too.

Currently one file at one time is possible. Bulk upload options are yet to be developed.

This link explains about file sharing in details.

Next, let is see on syncing “Tomboy Notes”. Tomboy is a perfect note taking application.
We can use it to take all kind of notes, todo list, reminders.

In Tomboy preferences, select Synchronization tab, select ubuntu one by service as “Tomboy Web”.
Thats all. All your notes will be synced.
You can get them in browser via “notes” tab.
You can create, edit, delete in browser too.

read for further info

You can sync, evolution contacts.

See this link for syncing evolution contacts

There are many future plans like

  • Syncing files outside ubuntu one folder
  • Indication remaining time/bytes on sync
  • Clients for other distros
  • Screen sharing
  • High capacity storage
  • Mobile clients, console clients
  • Encrypted file storage
  • Sharing notes,contacts
  • Public accessible shared folders via a single URL

login is secured via ssl and oauth

ubuntu one community gives awesome support
Forum – http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=367
FAQ – https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone/+faqs
LP answers – https://answers.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-users
LP project page – https://launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-users
account asst – https://one.ubuntu.com/support/account-assistance/
You are welcome to report bugs here.
Bugs – https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client

“Sharing is Caring”
Share you with the world

Forget to say, #ubuntuone is the excellent place to hang out.

You can sync your own applications too with ubuntu one api.
Contact the helpful developers in maling list/irc

Thanks all. Hope I have done.

QUESTION: Is kubuntu setup to use the same service in the same way as ubuntu?
ANSWER:    yes. you can use the same client in kubuntu too. but requires to install gnome libraries.
Question: We were discussing the differences between dropbox and one.
how does one stack up on various OSs?
Answer : Good. Currently Ubuntu One supports only ubuntu.
The support to various distros are future plans

QUESTION: if I can install the same client in kubuntu, will it also auto sync contacts in Kontact like it does in Evolution?
ANSWER: No support for kontact now. But, ubuntu one api is simple and anyone can develop kontact sync

QUESTION: Are there any limitations on file types that can be stored on Ubuntu One?
ANSWER : No limits on file types. You can store any file.

QUESTION: Are files encrypted?
ANSWER: No. files are not encrypted. Encryption may give issues on sharing.

QUESTION: What do I do if I get OpenID login failed?
ANSWER:    sometime, this may happen. We need to check why login failed.
It failed for me too saying like “invalid timezone error”.
I changed my timezone settings in launchpad and it worked 🙂
#ubuntu helped me on this.

Question: with contacts I can see how to add people one at a time,
but how do I sync it with empathy to add all my contacts?
Answer: You can sync evlution contcacts. Not with empathy contacts.

QUESTION: My sister uses Windows. Can I share files with her via Ubuntu One?
ANSWER:    Not possible now.

Question: I asked earlier, I get a lot of .u1onflict markers on my folders.
I’m constantly updating between my labtop/workstation and sometimes don’t sync up before modifying, is there any good way to resolve these? Some of my folders seem to have stopped syncing becuse of it.

Answer: Well. sometimes, conflict too happen.


This page says that
you have to choose which version of file to keep and remove all the file except the required one.

Question: Can you share notes like you can share files?
Answer : Currently, we can share files only


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