Business using Open Source

Is it possible?

How can we make money using open source software?

Can anyone live by only FOSS?

The answer is a big “YES”

Just like any other software business, we do do business with open source software.

You can start your company by using any of the / all of the business methods.

You can take any / many Free Open Source Software and do the follwings.

1. Training
2. Installation / maintenance / Implementation
3. Customization
4. Authoring – books/ blogs/ articles
5. Translation
6. Custom Module / Plugin development
7. Theme / Design development
8. Consulting
9. Giving email / voice/ onsite technical support

The list never ends.

I am mentoring some people who take the following software and do business with them

1. Drupal
2. Joomla
3. VtigerCRM
4. DotProject
5. Subversion
6. Moodle
7. Compiere
8. OpenBravo
9. Jasper Reports
10. Mail / Firewall / Monitoring /  Proxy etc.

Yes. There are tons and tons of possibilities.

Today, met a person who started his own company, after quiting his SAP job.
He is so passionate on FOSS and decided to give support for the VtigerCRM and other enterprise software.

Hmmm. Sounds Good.

Let us welcome the Entrepreneurs based on Free Open Source Software.

Here is an excellent resource, for those who wish to make money out of FOSS.

Economic aspects and business models of Free Software

Download this book from

Wishes for the upcoming business people for the new wave of entrepreneurs.
The Red carpet is waiting for you.



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