KanchiLUG celebrates its first anniverary

It happened 1 year ago. The birh of KanchiLUG.

I was talking to form a group of students to learn linux and form a LUG, to my brothers and their friends. Inspired by ChennaiLUG, We decided to have regular meetings, meetings and public events.

Registered a mailing list at freelists.org so that anyone can join.
Opened a blog kanchilug.wordpress.com to announce all our activities.

Weekly Meetings. When we decided to meet every Sunday, even we had doubts on its continuity.
But, our team made this possible. We had 45 meets. We had tough times on finding a place to meet. Kanchipuram, a temple city, gave a nice temple for us to meet.

With a temple, where no electricity is given for public, we did demos for 1 hr with our laptop batteries.
We needed more power. So moved to a Study Center “Siva Kalvi Nilaiyam”, where we studied our Tuition on our school days. Thanks for our masters. We had power, water and space.

Weekend meetings were filled with tutorial sessions and demos. Mailing list was getting more members.

We went to colleges and gave talks. We conducted Ubuntu Release Party. We published a 2010 calendar.
You can see a glimpse of our 2009 acticities here.

We have some goals for 2010.
They are here. http://kanchilug.wordpress.com/2010-goals/

Yes. We have to reach more heights. We hope that we will do our best to give back to the open source community. Thanks a lot for the people around the globe for the support and encourage.

The first anniversary was celebrated on March 28,2010 at arul’s home.

We started the day with the translation of ubuntu-manual into tamil.
Then, we had the Ubuntu Gloabal Bug Jam.
We learnt how to report a bug and how to triage a bug.
We all started on assigning proper packages to the Bugs.

Then, the funtime started. Cake, snacks, and photo session.

Well. It became one of the memorable days in the community life.

ubuntu-manual translation is going on.

Snacks Time.

Dhasthageer with his ubuntu t-shirt.

Tea Time.

Ubuntu Logo with Tea Cups.

Birthday Cake.

Cake is for me only.

My mom and dad cut cake.

The KanchiLUG Team.

Thanks a lot Team.

More pics are here


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